Rocky Ford Farms is family owned and operated. After seeing a need for safe organic items that really help people we began researching and working with doctors to develop a line of products that people can feel safe using.

We wanted a high-quality line that is affordable to all. We knew so many friends that could benefit from our line but couldn’t pay the inflated prices of many of our competitors. We felt it was so important to reach the masses with products that really help with so many afflictions.

Yes, we are a business that needs to make a profit, but we feel we can do that AND keep it affordable.  Our products are high quality and our doctors that we have been working with have invested 20 years of research into CBD products. We feel confident that after you try our pain line, tinctures, and skin products you will be sold. 

We have customers that suffered from perioral dermatitis, similar to rosacea, that used our skin line and within three months their face was clear. Others have used our CBD tinctures for knee pain and inflammation with great benefits. We also have many athletes that are using our line with awesome results. Everyone is different but our customers have reached out to us to thank us. You can read others testimonials on our website.

It's all about the Family!! 

One of our most hard working little ones out on the family farm. Follow us on Instagram to see how the hemp season treats us!