Your Belly Button & CBD

on September 28, 2020


Have you heard, People are putting CBD oil in their BELLY BUTTON?!!!

The Pechoti Method is basically the idea that the body can absorb substances like essential oils through the belly button. “It’s thought that a gland called the Pechoti gland in your navel allows you to absorb substances like CBD oil into your body”(Jewell, 2020). 

According to Wellness Guide the belly button is an important reflexology point that connects all the major organs in the body (Petrylaite, 2019). By stimulating the belly button with CBD oil, it can help relieve stress and even pain. The CBD has been known to  improve circulation and overall health.

If you already use CBD, you might want to give it a try.  If you are new to the uses of CBD, it is a natural compound extracted from the cannabis plant but unlike marijuana, it does not have THC, so it does not get you “high”.  CBD is a great option if you suffer from anxiety, pain, depression, and migraines.

Checkout the full details of the Pechoti Method from Healthline


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