Hemp Biomass

on December 16, 2020

Hemp Biomass

By now, we all know that the Cannabis plant contains an ample amount of cannabinoids and phytonutrients such as terpenes and flavonoids. The two most famous phytocannabinoids of Cannabis are CBD and THC, have become sought after for their therapeutic properties.  However, have you ever heard of hemp Biomass!! If you are new to this term and want to know more about this emerging industry sector, you have just come to the right place.

What Is Hemp?

Before getting into the details of hemp, Biomass, let's begin with what hemp is. Industrial hemp is a variety of Cannabis sativa species of the marijuana plant.  Sativa species contain a higher CBD to THC ratio, making it the preferred choice for making CBD products. Even though hemp and marijuana are two variations of the same species, they still have numerous physical and chemical differences.  Hemp plants are skinny and tall stalks with unique narrow leaves concentrated on the top of the plant. Moreover, the plant can adapt to grow in almost any climate and with minimal care. 

Types of Hemp Biomass

Biomass is a common term used to refer to the harvested parts of the hemp plant. Industrial hemp produces two different types of Biomass.The harvested flowers and buds from the hemp plant are selected for CBD production. CBD extractors buy hemp Biomass sold by the pound. The other type of hemp Biomass is called hemp fiber, also referred to as the organic material considered a leftover after harvesting. It includes leaves, stalks, and other plant matter. 

CBD Hemp Biomass

Hemp flowers or buds are used to extract CBD, which is then used to produce various types of CBD products. These CBD flowers are subjected to different distillation methods to extract CBD oil and separate it from other toxins and unwanted plant matter. CBD hemp Biomass is expensive because it's explicitly used to produce CBD oil.

Hemp Fiber Biomass

Hemp fiber bio maths consists of leaves and stalks of industrial hemp. It is less profitable and is usually used in the paper and textile industry. Some companies also use it as concrete reinforcement. Hemp is a healthy plant, and it can sustain harsh weather conditions, drought, and pests. Its root system allows it to require less water than other search crops. Hemp fiber Biomass can also be used to use fuel by its biological digestion or chemical decomposition. Carbon nanomaterial can be produced from the hemp plant's waste material, which can easily replace expensive carbon materials such as graphene, which is used in supercapacitors and high power batteries.

Wrap up

As discussed earlier, hemp Biomass is an emerging industry offering a wide variety of health benefits. CBD produced from this Biomass is a highly effective therapeutic compound, and the fiber biomass could prove to be a significant renewable energy source. Our line of Rocky Ford Farms CBD products starts from hemp biomass harvested from our family farm in Colorado. We control the process from seed to product in order to ensure affordable quality CBD products.