Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum CBD

on October 05, 2020

full spectrum vs broad spectrum cbd

Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum CBD

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, has become very popular over the past few years. From fitness to the media industry, everyone wants to use CBD. This is due in part because of the many benefits that it offers such as anti-inflammatory analgesic properties. These claims are also supported by research that shows CBD is very helpful in managing sleep problems, anxiety and pain. This boom also comes with a lot of hype and companies looking to get into the market without any knowledge of what makes a quality CBD product. 

The FDA has begun reviewing the potential advantages of Cannabis including CBD, it still indicates more studies are needed to get concrete results across the wide range of therapeutic treatments. Only one CBD drug has been approved by the FDA since research and clinical trials have been made legal, this drug is specifically for the treatment of Epilepsy, or seizure disorders.

Other than the one FDA approved Epilepsy drug on the market, all other CBD products used for medicinal purposes do not have FDA approval. Making it especially important to understand the difference of full spectrum vs broad spectrum CBD when selecting the best CBD product for your needs.

What is Full Spectrum CBD?

Full spectrum CBD is the variant in which all the components of Cannabis are present including THC, CBD and terpenes. Under the federal law, full spectrum CBD products containing less than 0.3 % THC are allowed. In states where CBD is completely legal you may be able to find full spectrum products with high concentrations of THC.

Pros & Cons of Full Spectrum CBD

The biggest benefit of using full spectrum CBD is the holistic effect of all the components of cannabinoids, including- terpenes, THC and CBD. A person can achieve heightened effects by consuming more substance. These benefits are also supported by recent studies, a review in 2011 indicated that terpenes and phytocannabinoids, if taken together can significantly help in reducing inflammation, pain and anxiety.

However, here’s where the difference of full spectrum vs broad spectrum CBD comes into play. The downside of using full spectrum CBD is if you consume large amounts of full spectrum CBD it can produce intoxicating effects due to the higher dose of THC in it.

But that doesn’t mean all such products can give you that “high” effect. If you use lower doses of these CBD products you can steer clear of the intoxicating effects. Since, full spectrum products have varied amounts of THC, there is potential for trace amounts of THC to show up during drug tests. This is where broad spectrum CBD can help with removing the concern of THC usage. This is why all our products are made from broad spectrum CBD.

What is Broad Spectrum CBD?

Broad spectrum CBD is the type in which all the goodness of a Cannabis plant, such as terpenes and cannabinoids are present but it contains 0% THC. It’s important to also note that although it has no traces of THC, it still differs from pure CBD, or CBD isolate which removes everything from the oil and only contains CBD.

Pros & Cons of Broad Spectrum CBD

A top noted reason for using broad spectrum CBD is you won't get the potential “high'' effect, due to the absence of THC, while still experiencing the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

But the drawback is if you’re looking to achieve a heightened benefit of combining CBD and THC, full spectrum is the route to go. Although more research is needed, so far the studies show, when combining them the results are often compounded.

However, other compounds of Cannabis such as cannabinoids flavonoids and terpenes can still give very promising results, without THC.

For people who have a concern for consuming any amount of THC, regardless of its trace amount but want to enjoy the benefits of CBD, broad spectrum CBD is best. Again the difference of full spectrum vs broad spectrum CBD can be stated simply when it comes to drug testing. An advantage of using broad spectrum CBD is it will not result in a positive drug test because it has gone through the additional process of removing the minimal amounts of THC found in industrial hemp.

Which one is better? Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum CBD

This is the most common question that makes CBD users confused. It really all depends on your needs and preferences.

If you want to experience all the benefits of industrial hemp and your surroundings, the work-environment you’re in  is lenient towards the concentration of THC, then full spectrum is best for you. But if you want all of the good and none of the concern w/ the intoxicating elements that get you “high”, broad spectrum CBD can be your best shot.

It all depends on you, what works best for you, depending on your condition, your body type and your environment. Whatever you decide, start by taking small doses of CBD for the first 30 days and then gradually increase the dose until you’ve reached your optimal dosage of CBD.