CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil

on October 30, 2020

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil

What is CBD oil?

CBD-Cannabidiol is a resinous extract from the cannabis plant trichomes. The trichomes are an amalgam of terpenes, CBD, and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). It is from the sticky mushroom-shaped buds. CBD has a chemical composition of medicine in the form of oil, pills, lotions, and vapors to treat pain, inflammation, neurological diseases and others. It is useful in treating nausea, insomnia, pain, and other ailments. 

What is Hemp oil?

These are unrefined, cold-pressed seeds used to produce the oil. They have a wide range of color shades, from light green to dark green hues. The color concentration depends on the amount of grass content in the hemp plant. This oil has many industrial purposes, like lubricants, paints, ink, fuel, plastic, soaps, and shampoos. The oil is also capable of improving skin problems like acne and wrinkles.

Differences in Both:

The advancing popularity of CBD and hemp oil creates confusion among consumers. Most consider them both to be the same, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Let's see how both of them differ from each other.

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil comparison

Among the masses, the debate keeps going on the myth that CBD and hemp oil together might create a miracle. But scientifically, it is not preferred per their differences. As they have variant properties, they are more than capable of causing a chemical reaction. Therefore, you must investigate your disease first to manage the dosage and type of oil suitable for you. We stated the facts above based on research, but the responses may vary from person to person. Many people are allergic to CBD or hemp oil; their bodies might produce a reaction because of such items. So, go for a proper check-up before experimentation.

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Photo by Matthew Brodeur on Unsplash